Hoogsteder & Uniquole


Willem Jan Hoogsteder: specialist in Dutch and Flemish paintings and Old Masters.


Nicole Uniquole: curator and exhibition developer, specialised in Dutch Design and fashion.


The concept to connect Dutch and Flemish paintings by the Old Masters to contemporary Dutch Design, was successfully applied to the more than 50 chambers of Paleis Oranienbaum, just outside Berlin. An aesthetic venture whereby historic paintings enter into an original, narrative dialogue with objects from the Royal Archives and the refreshing ideas of Dutch designers of an international renown.

This exceptional concept was conceived and realised by Nicole Uniquole. She approached Willem Jan Hoogsteder for the loan of a number of key pieces by Old Masters and invited designers to offer objects of Dutch Design. The combination demonstrates that excellent craftsmanship, mastery, authenticity, beauty and unicity hold a timeless appeal. The great success of the Oranienbaum exhibition, opened by her Majesty the Queen Beatrix and the German chancellor, left a taste for more…

In 2013 therefore Hoogsteder and Uniquole decided to join forces.

Together they develop travelling exhibitions for museums and international cultural institutions, based on this concept. Hoogsteder’s knowledge of lending options for Old Masters from private and museum collections is extremely useful. Since 1980 Hoogsteder facilitated loans for more than 100 museum exhibitions. The vast expertise of Uniquole in the area of contemporary Dutch Design, fashion and craftsmanship and the development and organisation of exhibitions is the other pillar of this concept’s foundation.

Hoogsteder & Uniquole together create unique turnkey presentations. These are available worldwide. They are designed as a complete package, but can also be created tailor made for location specific requirements.

Image: KsDW